Day 365 - The Final Post

Here we are at the end.

The end of a journey that I was scared to begin.

I didn't know what God had in store for me as I trusted Him fully with my heart, but I knew that I had to find a way to give everything to Him.

My trust, my patience, my love, and my thanksgiving.

I remember thinking that I was being foolish. That opening myself up like this would surely result in "testing" from God.

That He would desire to throw every horrible situation at me, to show me what it meant to truly be thankful every day.

It was terrifying, but He asked me to trust Him.

And I did.

This has been a hard year; a hard, wonderful, painful, exciting, amazing, difficult year...

I've shared things about myself that I had kept long hidden from even those close to me. 

I've seen the healing  of a pain I didn't realize I had.

I've experienced physical and emotional healing. 

I've grown so much in my relationship with Christ and I've finally accepted that it is in His timing that all things come to fruition.

I know that I missed a few (-ahem- more than a few, I know!) days here at the end. Moving and finishing school all at the same time got the better of my time management skills!

With this year under my belt I have gained a lifelong perspective, though it is one that the Bible clearly outlines for us... I guess it just took me awhile to own it for myself... In everything give thanks.

Thank you for coming along with me. I hope that your heart has been forever changed too.

With love,


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