Day 280 - Super Short Sunday

I am thankful that we were able to place a bid on a wonderful house!

I am thankful that we were able to enjoy some sweet time with our niece yesterday!

I am thankful that we have another full day on this beautiful weekend.

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Day 279 - Once Again...

You may remember last summer when we started looking for our first home.

You may also remember that we had a bid accepted to finally buy one when we had to face a mistake on our realtors part that cost us the bid.

Well, we decided to take a fairly long break to regroup and have decided to start looking once again.

Tomorrow we go to possibly place a bid on a seemingly perfect home.

Please pray for us. I'd hate to go through another yo-yo situation with my poor heart!

I am thankful that we get to go dream a little tomorrow!

I am thankful that this dream is not dead.

I am thankful that God gives us the strength to hope and hope again, even through disappointments.

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Day 278 - Bronchitis

If you were one who spent a lot of time around me in the last five years, you'll know that around that time I became extremely susceptible to bronchitis.

For someone who wasn't sick for the first time in her life until she was 4 years old, being sick so often was really unusual.

But I was. And it was terrible.

It would rain... I would get bronchitis.

One of the kids in my class had a runny nose... I would get bronchitis.

I'd spend a good chunk of time sewing and being around fabric dust... I would get bronchitis.

The pollen would drop... I would get bronchitis.

You get the idea! But last year that all stopped (due in full, I feel, to me finally turning over all my stress and worries to God) and I haven't had bronchitis in a full year! Hallelujah!

About two days ago I started feeling like my body was gearing up to get sick again, and sure enough, last night I woke up with full blown bronchitis. Chest tightness, the gunk in my lungs... the works!

I seriously felt like rocking back and forth, cross-legged on my bed and weeping. After having it full time for so many years, I dreaded that season starting over again.

Instead, I prayed for healing and thanked God in advance for that healing. I had faith that I would wake up today well and able to come to work.

And I did.

Isn't God good?

I am thankful that God answered my prayers with healing.

I am thankful that I don't have to miss any days with my class.

I am thankful that I don't have to deal with bronchitis today!!

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Day 277 - Life Skills

Today I submitted my proposed syllabus for a new class I'd like to teach next year; Life Skills.

Our Upper School students would be the ones taking the class and I can't wait to get started!

With topics like "Respect - How and Why it is Important" and "Setting and Keeping a Budget" I know that they are really going to gain a lot of value through the course.

My headmaster just passed me in the hall and said that he was thrilled with the syllabus and couldn't wait for this class to be underway!

It's so wonderful to already be excited about the coming school year, when this one isn't even over yet!

I am thankful that I have a place to work that truly values great education.

I am thankful that God blessed my mind with ideas today as I sat down to write up the syllabus.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to not only continue with Kindergarten, but also to soon be working with the older students of our school.

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Day 276 - Support

This new diet has been so difficult.

Constantly facing all the temptations all around us and knowing that we will be doing this for quite a while yet has started to take its toll on us.

I am so thankful that my husband is strong. I think I might have given up a long time ago, but he hasn't wavered.

Oh I am so, so grateful!

Many more days ahead of us, but I know that we will make it through!

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Day 275 - Pollen

Well, we may not get many instances of snow on the ground, but we sure get a ton of pollen!

A friend mentioned this cartoon today and I just had to share it...

I know pollen serves an important function... but it's wreaking havoc on my sinuses!!

I am thankful for peppermint everything... tea, oil... everything. It really helps keep my sinuses clear.

I am thankful for good ol' Tylenol Cold and Sinus.

And I am very thankful that I get to go home today and curl up in bed as soon as I get home because dinner is already made!

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Day 274 - Super Short Sunday

am thankful for good food with good people.

I am thankful for this day of rest.

I am thankful for allergy medicines!

- Victoria 
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Day 273 - Trust

You know that moment when you think you finally have everything figured out? That moment when you finally take a big breath and let out that long sigh of relief?

And do you know that moment that sometimes follows the relief... the sound of the other shoe hitting the ground?

That's kinda what my entire week has been like.

I know I talked about this a bit yesterday, but man oh man if it isn't still true today!

The constant roller coaster of life is so tough sometimes. I am so grateful that I have the best people beside me as I ride the ups and downs.

My husband. My family. And most of all, God.

As much as I absolutely adore my family and my wonderful husband, no one grants peace like my God.

No one dishes out wisdom and guidance like He does. No one "gets it" like He does.

In the weak moments of the past few days, when I have cried and wondered "why" all over again, He has granted strength to just deal with the next few minutes... and then a little more strength to deal with the next few hours... and then even more to deal with the next few days and weeks to come.

No, nothing life shattering has happened. No one has fallen deathly ill. No one has lost a job or home...

But sometimes the smallest things seem huge. And I am so grateful that I can turn to The One who hold it all in the palm of His hand...

I am thankful that even the small things matter to God.

I am thankful that my husband is such a overwhelming amazing example of Christ-like love.

I am thankful that when my strength fails me, God's never will.

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Day 272 - Cast All Your Worries on Him

Yesterday was stressful.

I'm dealing with a situation in my class that has taken a lot of time away from teaching this week... not to mention the 37 back and forth emails with parents in the last 3 days.

A full blown panic attack started to set in yesterday and I just didn't know what I was going to do.

But in a moment of clarity amidst the swirling waves of panic, I remembered that I didn't have to worry about it. I am free to cast all my worries on Him, because He cares about me. What a freedom came over me at that moment. What a release from anxiety...

It was no longer my burden to carry. 

And though there was joy, there was also frustration.

How many times do I have to rediscover this idea before it is second nature??

We don't have to carry these burdens, God wants us to cast them at His feet. He wants that. Who are we to argue?

I am thankful that my God cares about such "silly" things in my life. 

I am thankful that He cares about me personally.

I am thankful that He offers that same freedom and love to all who would receive it!

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Day 271 - The Almighty Smack Down

Well, yesterday I mentioned how ready I was to be done with this waiting period.

I guess God realized that I haven't learned my lesson yet, because the changes that I thought were coming immediately went away.


I am thankful that God is shaping me into the likeness of His Son.

I am thankful these lessons are for my own betterment and happiness.

I am thankful that I am allowed to look up at the sky and wonder "why"... and that I already know the answer.

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Day 270 - Whistful

Something about today has stirred up a longing in my soul.

I'm not exactly sure why, or even what it is that I'm longing for, but it is very strong.

My husband and I have been bouncing around some very big ideas this week and it looks as though they may actually work out.

We have been praying about where God wants us to be and what He wants us to be doing for a very long time.

We have been in a period of waiting.... a long period of waiting.

And it looks like this particular period of waiting is coming to a close.

So maybe that's what's causing the longing. The idea that we may really be coming to a point where the desires of our hearts are going to be fulfilled.

I try to keep my heart in check, but so often it gets away from me. And it seems like today is one of those days...

I am thankful that I know God works for our best.

I am thankful that He wants to give us the desires of our hearts... and that it's in His perfect timing that those desires see fruition.

I am thankful that He has seen me through many years of waiting... even when that waiting wasn't calm and quiet.

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Day 269 - Tiny Tuesday

Today I am most thankful indeed for allergy medication!

I'm not one to take non-herbal medications very often... but today calls for it!

The rain and the weather changes have stirred up all sorts of pollens, and my poor sinuses don't know what to do with all of that! So they are just running around stabbing each other.... or so it feels like!

I am thankful that the rain has come to water the plants.

I am thankful that the pollen means the bees have food.

I am thankful that I have pain killers to help me get through the day with my Kindergarten class!!

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Day 268 - Manic Monday

I think I might have forgotten how to do my job over Spring Break!

Everything seems so hectic today... getting to the right place on time, making sure everyone has their jacket, and so on...

I know it will all come back to me quickly, but it's just a little odd how quickly I adjusted to being home. My husband, (who works from home), said he had gotten used to me being there too!

How quickly we adapt!

I am thankful that I get a little bit more time with my kiddos before summer break.

I am thankful that I got to be home for such a great week with my husband.

I am thankful that I know my teacher memories will come back to me soon!

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Day 267 - Super Short Sunday

I am thankful that my husband, dad, and brother all made it back safely through the storm yesterday.
I am thankful that I finished all my projects this week!

I am thankful that I am well rested and prepared to head back to school tomorrow.

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Day 266 - Antiques Show and Horse Farming

Two big adventures going on in my family today...

My husband, dad, and brother are all attending a workshop on horse farming. And no that's not a course on how to farm horses, but how to use horse power in homesteading! Sounds like it's going to be a blast!

That leaves my mom and I free for the day. So we are heading an hour north to an antique show! I can't wait!

So off we go! I hope we find some great deals and that the boys learn a ton of info on horse farming.

I am thankful that I get to spend time with my mom.

I am thankful that the men in my life all get along so well!

I am thankful that it's not pouring rain like it was supposed to be! Let's pray that continues!!

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Day 265 - End of Spring Break

Well, here it is, the last day of Spring Break. (Saturday and Sunday don't count!)

I wish that I could say I did a ton of relaxing and sleeping in... but I didn't.

Sometimes I wish I could just chill for two seconds and not have to be busy all the time. Not have to feel like the five minute break I want to take is a waste of time.

But, that's how God made me. Much to the constant exhaustion of my poor husband...

God brought me into this world and gave me a passion for doing, crafting, cooking, working. 

I wonder sometimes what it would feel like to not be weighted down with all the things I see that "need to be done".

And then I remind myself that God made me for a special purpose; and He must need me to be a force of nature to accomplish that task! :-)

I am thankful that I did get to do some "Victoria-level" relaxation. Hey, I find coding websites and writing fun! *wink*

I am thankful that I do have the weekend left before school; though it will just be business as usual.

I am thankful that I am someone who knows what needs to be done, and how to get it done!

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Day 264 - Home


I am so thrilled about today! I didn't leave the house a single time.

This never happens!

Oh how amazing it felt to not have to get into a car and drive somewhere. I got so much done and thoroughly enjoyed my home!

I know that Spring Break is coming to a close so I'm trying to squeeze every moment of delight out of it that I can!

I am thankful for a week to just relax.

I am thankful that all the cooking and laundry is done.

I am thankful that I got to write 2000 words on my novel today!

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Day 263 - Health Update

Alright, well, you know that I have been on this new attempt to rid myself of Candida for about 2 months now; ever since a few days after Christmas.

I have been hesitant to give any updates because I have been on this roller coaster before. Thinking that everything is going really well for the first few weeks only to have it take a nose-dive for no reason.

I didn't want to pull you along with me if that was the case.

However, I am happy to report....

No roller coaster this time!!!

It's been almost 12 weeks and things are going amazingly well.

Not only are all of my Candida symptoms gone, but I've also lost 40 pounds - with no sign of slowing down at all!

I felt like the weight loss was a joke, I didn't feel any different at all... Until I came across these two pictures. The first taken at the end of 2013, the second taken about 3 weeks ago!

I went to my doctor yesterday to see if we were actually beating the Candida this time....

And with a HUGE smile on his face, he said YES!

He gave me two supplements to take to really knock it out the rest of the way.

And here's the even MORE amazing part...

It's only for 25 more days! He thinks that this will legitimately be over and done with in 25 days.

I am so thankful that God is working in our bodies right now. I have fought this battle for almost 7 years now with no victories to speak of... and here we are, after 2 months, only a few short weeks from total healing.

Thank you so much for your comments, thoughts, and prayers throughout this journey! I have been so blessed by them!

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Day 262 - Doctor Visit

Today we get to go see how we've been doing while on this cleanse!

So many things have changed for us over the last 2 and a half months that I hardly recognize who I was 11 weeks ago.

I'm hoping that he has good news for us!

Either way, I will give y'all a big ol' update tomorrow!

I am thankful that God has been so present through this process; both in the healing and in the determination to stick with it!

I am thankful that we have seen such progress in so short a time.

I am thankful that we have the chance to get an update on how we are doing! I can't wait!!

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Day 261 - Migraine Monday

Oh no, this is getting to be a pattern.

Today is the first day off Spring Break and I have a terrible migraine. I spent the last school holiday with a killer migraine too!

I do not like it.

On the plus side, I resisted the urge to sleep in this morning and was able to get a bunch of work done before the migraine set in.

Praise God!

I am thankful that I do have the week off and will be able to sleep through this migraine before having to get up and start working on anything.

I am thankful that God woke me up so early so that I could get some work done and not feel like the whole day was a waste.

I am thankful that at least I know this pain won't last forever!

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Day 259/260 - Whirlwind and Super Short Sunday

Today is a twofer.

Yesterday was such a whirlwind that I didn't have time to post!

We set out first thing in the morning to do some quick errands, thinking that we would be home within an hour or so...

Eight hours later we finally walked back through our door and still had tons of stuff to do.

Had a great day though. Got to visit with my parents and they gave me my birthday present.

An American Girl doll that I have always wanted, Molly.

Yes, I just turned 30. Yes, it was an amazing gift that I love!

And now today we are heading out to the new farm to walk around and really get to planning!

I am thankful that I have parents who know that I am not above getting and loving a new American Girl doll!

I am thankful that I get to take my husband out and show him the new land and start planning were our house will go!

I am thankful that I get to see my brother, sister-in-law, and little niece today too!!

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Day 258 - Buying The Farm

My parents bought the farm today.

Not in the way you might think though... They LITERALLY bought a farm today!

Our family has been praying for a new family homestead for about 7 years.

We sold the land (and homestead) that had been in our family for hundreds of years about 7 years ago, for several reasons. But we never lost sight of the fact that we really wanted a family homestead.

Many different pieces of land came up for discussion, but nothing ever felt right.

Until now.

About a month ago this seemingly perfect piece of land with a beautiful house and a big red barn came up for sale.

We'd seen "perfect" listing before and so we always approach things with a heavy dose of skepticism...

This was so much better than any picture could ever do justice. 

It was perfect. And so was God's timing, as usual!

He waited until my parents decided to have their carpet redone in the house that they were currently living in... which meant that they were already 80% packed!

So they get to move on over without all the hassle of frantic packing!

Isn't He amazing? I sure think so.

I am thankful that God TRULY has our best in His heart.

I am thankful that He paved the way for this amazing new homestead.

I am thankful that my parents get to start on a new adventure this summer!

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Day 257 - Reading

Oh man, I forgot how much I looooooove to read!

I used to devour a large novel or two each week.

But over the last nine years that freedom has left me. Not that I haven't been allowed to read if I wanted, but that I haven't felt like I could "waste" the time on such a frivolous task....

I was keeping myself from reading because I felt so anxious about all the "right" things getting done...

Well, I broke down and let myself read a new book this week.

Just a few hours in and I've already finished 392 pages... only a 100 left to go before the book is done.

I forgot how much I love the excitement of an undiscovered adventure.... that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes the story come alive... the depth of emotion that you can feel over a fictional character.

I missed it so much and I didn't even realize it! Welcome back, old friend.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with an active imagination.

I am thankful that He has helped me to relax over the last few months so that I can feel comfortable "wasting" a few hours on a new book.

I am thankful that I haven't forgotten how to read in all this time! :-P
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Day 256 - Field Trip

Field trip days always seem like they're going to be so easy.

But they are usually anything but easy!

We took four classes worth of kids to the huge rodeo downtown... yeah, what was I thinking right??

It ended up being really fun... for the kids at least. I think the parents were a little fatigued after the trek!

But we all made it back in one piece and no one got lost... always a plus!

However, I am so tired I can barely see straight. Early to bed for me I think!

I am thankful that we have another field trip under our belts.

I am thankful that we made it downtown and back without incident.

I am thankful that God kept everyone where they needed to be and no one strayed from their chaperones!

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Day 255 - Safe Travels {Tiny Tuesday}

When I woke up this morning it was 29 degrees and sleeting HARD outside.

I thought surely school would be cancelled. But it wasn't.

Usually the school districts in this area are very cautious... so I figured the roads must somehow be just fine.

Fast forward through breakfast... and there I was, walking down to the car in a winter wonderland! All the trees and plants had beautiful icicles hanging gently from their branches.

Though it was beautiful, it didn't make me all that confident about my upcoming 20 mile drive to school!

Still, I had to fall back on the knowledge that the school had cancelled before when conditions were even SLIGHTLY hazardous...

I did end up driving on some ice, but God got me to school safely!

I am thankful that I didn't have any problems on the way to school.

I am thankful that all but one of my students made it to school today. And that student's parent just decided to call her own snow day! So all who tried made it safely!

I am thankful that it is supposed to warm up by the time I have to head home today :-)

I am thankful that we get to enjoy such a gorgeous winter wonderland!

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Day 254 - Manic Monday

A new student joined my ranks today.

I was concerned about my class acting up with the new face in the crowd, but it was just the opposite!

I had told them that they would need to set a great example for this new student and that however they acted she was sure to follow.

They definitely rose to the challange and were amazing!

I am thankful that today went so seamlessly!

I am thankful that my new student is bright and seems like she will mesh well with our class!

I am thankful that we made it through the day and can look forward to a great week!

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