Day 273 - Trust

You know that moment when you think you finally have everything figured out? That moment when you finally take a big breath and let out that long sigh of relief?

And do you know that moment that sometimes follows the relief... the sound of the other shoe hitting the ground?

That's kinda what my entire week has been like.

I know I talked about this a bit yesterday, but man oh man if it isn't still true today!

The constant roller coaster of life is so tough sometimes. I am so grateful that I have the best people beside me as I ride the ups and downs.

My husband. My family. And most of all, God.

As much as I absolutely adore my family and my wonderful husband, no one grants peace like my God.

No one dishes out wisdom and guidance like He does. No one "gets it" like He does.

In the weak moments of the past few days, when I have cried and wondered "why" all over again, He has granted strength to just deal with the next few minutes... and then a little more strength to deal with the next few hours... and then even more to deal with the next few days and weeks to come.

No, nothing life shattering has happened. No one has fallen deathly ill. No one has lost a job or home...

But sometimes the smallest things seem huge. And I am so grateful that I can turn to The One who hold it all in the palm of His hand...

I am thankful that even the small things matter to God.

I am thankful that my husband is such a overwhelming amazing example of Christ-like love.

I am thankful that when my strength fails me, God's never will.

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