Day 258 - Buying The Farm

My parents bought the farm today.

Not in the way you might think though... They LITERALLY bought a farm today!

Our family has been praying for a new family homestead for about 7 years.

We sold the land (and homestead) that had been in our family for hundreds of years about 7 years ago, for several reasons. But we never lost sight of the fact that we really wanted a family homestead.

Many different pieces of land came up for discussion, but nothing ever felt right.

Until now.

About a month ago this seemingly perfect piece of land with a beautiful house and a big red barn came up for sale.

We'd seen "perfect" listing before and so we always approach things with a heavy dose of skepticism...

This was so much better than any picture could ever do justice. 

It was perfect. And so was God's timing, as usual!

He waited until my parents decided to have their carpet redone in the house that they were currently living in... which meant that they were already 80% packed!

So they get to move on over without all the hassle of frantic packing!

Isn't He amazing? I sure think so.

I am thankful that God TRULY has our best in His heart.

I am thankful that He paved the way for this amazing new homestead.

I am thankful that my parents get to start on a new adventure this summer!

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