Day 255 - Safe Travels {Tiny Tuesday}

When I woke up this morning it was 29 degrees and sleeting HARD outside.

I thought surely school would be cancelled. But it wasn't.

Usually the school districts in this area are very cautious... so I figured the roads must somehow be just fine.

Fast forward through breakfast... and there I was, walking down to the car in a winter wonderland! All the trees and plants had beautiful icicles hanging gently from their branches.

Though it was beautiful, it didn't make me all that confident about my upcoming 20 mile drive to school!

Still, I had to fall back on the knowledge that the school had cancelled before when conditions were even SLIGHTLY hazardous...

I did end up driving on some ice, but God got me to school safely!

I am thankful that I didn't have any problems on the way to school.

I am thankful that all but one of my students made it to school today. And that student's parent just decided to call her own snow day! So all who tried made it safely!

I am thankful that it is supposed to warm up by the time I have to head home today :-)

I am thankful that we get to enjoy such a gorgeous winter wonderland!

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