Day 265 - End of Spring Break

Well, here it is, the last day of Spring Break. (Saturday and Sunday don't count!)

I wish that I could say I did a ton of relaxing and sleeping in... but I didn't.

Sometimes I wish I could just chill for two seconds and not have to be busy all the time. Not have to feel like the five minute break I want to take is a waste of time.

But, that's how God made me. Much to the constant exhaustion of my poor husband...

God brought me into this world and gave me a passion for doing, crafting, cooking, working. 

I wonder sometimes what it would feel like to not be weighted down with all the things I see that "need to be done".

And then I remind myself that God made me for a special purpose; and He must need me to be a force of nature to accomplish that task! :-)

I am thankful that I did get to do some "Victoria-level" relaxation. Hey, I find coding websites and writing fun! *wink*

I am thankful that I do have the weekend left before school; though it will just be business as usual.

I am thankful that I am someone who knows what needs to be done, and how to get it done!

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