Day 75 - Last {Five Minute Friday}

I was recently reminded of the verse telling us to "run the race".

Not win the race.

Not be in the top ten percent.

Simply to run.

Lord I know that I am not the fasted.  I know that I will never win the race. But Father, I pray that You will help me to run.

Your word doesn't even insist that we finish God, but simply that we run. I pray that You will help me to run with every fiber of my being.

Help me to run to Your promises when I am worried.

Help me to run to Your arms when I am scared or lonely.

Help me to run towards Your wisdom when I am confused.

Help me to run, Lord. Even if I am dead last. Help me to run.

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  1. Hi Victoria! visiting from FMF. I love your take on that scripture-we are exhorted to simply RUN! That encourages ME today in that I should not look at others who are running (faster than me)but on Him who is the Author of my faith (and race). God bless and thanks for writing today.


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