Day 53 - Inspiration

Inspiration is something that tends to be overwhelming or completely lacking from my life. I'm either unable to write down ideas fast enough, or I feel like my mind is a deep dark cave where nothing can survive. Do you ever feel like that?

After several weeks, maybe even months, of cave life, my mind is working over time!

Writing, drawing, cooking, sewing, crafting, singing... it's all going into overdrive and I am so happy! The school year is starting in just a few weeks and I  was a little worried I would greet my class with blank walls and empty shelves.

But, that too has gone into overdrive. The lesson planning and activity creation mega mind is back in action.

Do you have something that helps snap you out of periods of inspiration-less-ness? If so, I'd love to hear about it! 

I am thankful that cave-life is at an end for the time being.

I am thankful that Pinterest exists to help me through times of cave living.

I am thankful that God always seems to inspire me at exactly the right moment.

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