Day 66 - Answered Prayer

The driveway seems more welcoming. It's a lot to put on a slab of concrete, but it seems to exude a friendliness somehow.

There is less nervousness this time around, but there is still some. The butterflies are more welcome this time; a happy flutter fills my stomach as I wait for the realtor.

No wondering if this would be the house.

No hoping that our bid is high enough.

No detached emotions as I make sure our furniture will fit here or there.

We won the bid. Pending an inspection, the house is ours. 

Though we are still reserving the full release of emotions for the day the keys are in our hands, we are thrilled at this answered prayer!

I am thankful for everyone who prayed for us and with us regarding this decision.

I am thankful that after eight years of marriage, everything is lining up for us to own our first home.

I am thankful for the trust and patience that I have learned through this experience.

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