Day 74 - A Sweeter Gift {Desire to Inspire}


I know it well. Physical and emotional pain ruled my life for several years.

The aches and pains that go along with my battle with Candida; the emotional pain that goes along with being childless.

I had almost gotten used to it. Almost.

But one day, that final straw flitted its way down onto my overburdened load, and I collapsed under the weight of it all.

I couldn't understand why God was doing this to me.

I knew logically, that "...All things work to the good of those who love Him", but somewhere in the back of my mind was a little shadow of doubt that was convinced He was out to get me.

Fighting through the grief of childlessness and a terrible illness had taken their toll on my spirit and I finally hit rock bottom. With nowhere else to turn, I cried out to my Father in heaven to deliver me from this turmoil.

As He was working to heal my finally-released-to-Him heart, I heard Him speak into my soul with such comfort and love this truth.

"I am giving you A Sweeter Gift."

How much more precious will my children be to me after years of waiting?

How much sweeter will those late night feedings be?

What joy I will feel with every contraction.

What pleasure I will take in every correction I will give to them as they grow.

What A Sweeter Gift my Father has prepared for me.

As Augustine wrote in his Confessions, "There is no pleasure at all in eating and drinking unless the pains of hunger and thirst go before."

Oh the things that I would have taken for granted before. All the joy and beautiful moments I would have missed in my haste.

Thank you loving Father for allowing me to thirst and hunger. Thank you for allowing me to know the depth of longing that makes the meeting all the richer. Thank you for granting me A Sweeter Gift than I could have ever imagined.

Are you waiting on A Sweeter Gift?

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  1. Wow, I know exactly what you're talking about! I have a chronic illness... and I'd never appreciate the "good" days if I didn't have the horribly bad. I'd never understand just how much God blesses me every single day, if I didn't deal this crazy illness!

    So thankful to have found you at ARD's linkup! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, glad I stopped by your site too!

      I know how awful that chronic illness thing is... I looked up what you are going through, and it is almost the same thing (symptom wise) that I am going through.

      Not fun at all. I gained about 85lbs in 8 weeks and still have yet to lose any of it... despite $30,000 and 5+ years of trying!

      I feel your pain sister, and I will be praying for you!

  2. Love you so much, friend. You're exactly right. So eloquently written, and so much of my own heart in this post.


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