Day 71 - First Day Jitters

I didn't sleep last night.

It felt, in a way, like Christmas Eve. In a way.

I kept going over names and lesson plans, supplies and schedules.

If I am this nervous as the teacher, what are all my students going through?

The day starts and I try to hide my shaking hands. We pray as a faculty before the first bell and that helps a bit. I genuinely feel like I am walking onto stage in front of millions of people.

I've performed for many years and stop feeling those nerves long ago... but here they were.

They don't care that I did this last year, that half my class from last year would be with me again, those nerves are standing up and demanding to be heard!

That all fades away when I walk into the sanctuary for morning assembly.

There they are, my class, sitting and waiting for their teacher to guide them through their first day of Kindergarten.

I feel that Mantle of Authority heavy on my shoulders and I go to meet my little flock.

I am thankful for the guidance and love that overflows from God and into my heart, so that I may pass it on to my class.

I am thankful that the first day is well underway.

I am thankful that dinner is already made ;-)


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