Day 78 - Rest Time

I look out over my desk and stare at a sea of sleeping children.

Well, most of them are sleeping.

One is playing with his shoe laces, despite several warnings to "be still and quite"...

One is counting on her little fingers and thinks that I can't hear her...

One has her eyes closed and is laying very still, but it's the kind of still that you know is fake...

I look at them and I see myself.

God is asking me to be still and wait. Be still.

He knows that I have a long day to follow, that I didn't get enough sleep last night, that I could use the rest... and yet I resist.

Lord, help me to trust that You know what is best for my life. Help me to hear you when you ask me (some times over and over again) to be still. Be patient with me as I wiggle and whisper on my nap mat instead of taking the blessing of sleep that you are offering. 

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