Day 14 - Count it all joy

Yesterday was a frustrating day. It seems like most days are frustrating so far this summer.

I guess I had a different idea in mind for my summer vacation from school. But I forgot to take into account that I am also a full time seamstress.

Summer time is usually slow for alterations, since no one really cares what they look like. It's just shorts and t-shirts until school's back in session!

This summer however, I have been absolutely slammed with work. I'm talking, up at 6:30 and still working at 11pm.

Yesterday though, I had a veritable cornucopia of issues with my equipment, I burned my hand really badly on the iron, and I started to get a little bitter about having to work so much over my "vacation".

But God quietly reminded me what this work is for. 

The Scholar and I are trying to buy our first house, but we have some debt that we want to pay off first. All the money that I make doing alterations and such goes directly towards that debt.

I thought about the constant provision that God has shown for us and how He has blessed me with unending work for almost 3 years of owning my own business.

Suddenly the work didn't make me bitter.

Suddenly I was daydreaming about how I would decorate this room or that in my new house... and I was able to work faster and more efficiently.

I so want to rid myself of the negativity that is prevalent all around me. I want to see God's provision and be thankful for everything right away without having to go through this process of doubt and frustration first.

I'm working on it. And I'm constantly reminding myself of James 1:2-4

I am thankful that I was able to work uninterrupted for so long before my tools quit working.

I am thankful that my husband was willing to go out and exchange my broken tools on a moment's notice. 

I am thankful that God always provides for our needs, even if I'm not always as grateful as I should be right off the bat.

I am thankful that the burn on my hand went away after a lavender application. 

I am thankful that I got to take a break in the evening and see a movie with a friend!

I am thankful that God has blessed me with a skill that I can use to help my family through financial hardships.

What are you thankful for today?

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