Day 12 - Friendship

This week has gone by like a snail traveling from El Paso to Dallas.

Seconds went by like hours, minutes eeked by like days, and hours stretched on for millennia...

Dramatic? A bit. But it felt true nonetheless.

But, as it always goes, the moment you want time to stand still so that you can hold on to a small period of time for just a little while longer, it flies right out of your hands.

So it was yesterday. After an excruciatingly long week, a friend came to visit for the afternoon and I was so looking forward to some time with her.

We've known each other since we were 11 (*cough* 19 years *cough* oh my goodness I'm almost 30 *cough*)... and over the last 8 years there have been marriages and babies, moves and job transfers, along with a myriad of other things for both of us. Consequently we haven't gotten to spend any time alone just the two of us in over 5 years.

It was just as amazing as I had remembered it. 8 hours flew by and I don't think either of us drew a breath.

I am thankful for friendships that are so strong it seems like only hours have passed since our last conversation, even though months or years may have passed. 

I am thankful for friends who would adjust their schedule to accommodate my crazy life so that we can spend time together.

I am thankful for technology that allows us to stay connected even though we may be hundreds of miles apart!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Awwww!!!!!! I'm finally reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that I made it in your blog and I am SOOOO thankful for you, you don't even know! I truly wish we could spend a thousand more days like that. You have been such a blessing to me! And been such an encourager in hard times and been someone I could really rely on to let me be honest and truthful and sometimes weak and frazzled!! I appreciate that so much about you! Often times, I will just have a quiet moment when I think upon our friendship and all the places it's been and where it is now and I get a huge sense of peace that overwhelms me and I just smile! I really mean that. I love you to pieces Victoria P.! I'm so glad you are still in my life in a big way! I only see our friendship continuing to grow closer as the years go on! Miss you already

    1. I too am so glad that our friendship has found its way here! There was a time when I think both of us had given up on having a close relationship again... but that only lasted for a minute or two! :-) With the distance that has kept us apart for the last 11 years, it's been a challenge to stay connected. But I think in the last few years our relationship has become better than ever!! :-) Love you Laura!


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