Day 10 - Legend of the Bluebonnets

So the legend goes, if not for a little Indian girl called "She-Who-Is-Alone" sacrificing her most beloved item, her people would have been lost to a Texas drought.

"The night was very still. 

The air was hot. 

I kissed my doll and said, "O Great Spirit, here is my doll. It is the only thing I have. It is very special. Please send the rain." 

Then I thought about all of the people who would die without rain, and I threw my doll into the fire."
                              Excerpt from The Legend of the Bluebonnets 

I read this story to a class I'm teaching over the summer. This week we are learning outdoor skills; making solar ovens, beef jerky, fruit leather, and water filters... how to identify different plants and animals. Just general outdoorsy skills.

Thinking I would add a bit of "culture" to the class, I found this story and read it to them.

Half way through I found myself getting misty eyed. I even had to take a few deep breaths to keep the emotion out of my voice as I read.

A sacrifice to save her people. Sound familiar?

God, The Creator of the universe, gave up His only Son to save a bunch of lowly sinners like us.

His perfect Son. God loved us even more than His Son.

After I finished the story I asked the kids a few questions...

Who created the bluebonnets?

Can you think of anything that God sacrificed for us?
His Son.

Do you think He wanted His Son to die for us?

He Did. He willingly let His Son die for us, and Jesus did so willingly as well. So that we could be saved from sin and go to be with God in heaven someday.


A few of the older girls had tears in their eyes. My mom sitting in the back of the class had red eyes as well.

It isn't something that I allow myself to fully feel very often, but the powerful realization that God gave His SON for us. Us. Me...

Gets me every time.
I am thankful for the opportunity to share God's love with others.

I am thankful that I have even the tiniest of capacities to realize God's sacrifice for me.

What are you thankful for today?

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