Day 2

Yesterday was a stressful day.

My husband, The Scholar, just started working from home. This was supposed to be a wonderful blessing and amazing experience for us.

We have been married for almost 8 years, we haven't had kids yet... I have the summer off and The Scholar would be working from home! We were so excited for this great opportunity to just be together... even if he had to work!

As with many things that are built up to be so wonderful, this dream shattered first thing in the morning; his first full day working from home.

Everything quit working at 9am.

The phones. The internet. The computers. The printer. Everything.

This was not good. Try as we might, we could NOT make ANYTHING work.

Fortunately, God's blessing shown through and our amazing friends came to the rescue! 1 hour after texting them in frustration, they were at our house and the problem was fixed.

I am thankful for a full hour of work that was accomplished this morning.

I am thankful for friends who would drop everything at a moments notice to come and help us in a dire situation.

I am thankful for my new view across my desk!

What are you thankful for this morning?


  1. I'm thankful for friends who let me borrow their truck to rescue my stranded hubby this morning. As I was manhandling the truck as it was towed (no power steering or brakes or SERIOUSLY no A/C and windows wouldn't open...) I was thinking to myself, I should start a blog of "how I was a helpmeet today." Thankful I have the opportunity to bless my mate.

  2. I am grateful for my almost 12 year old son who is my running partner! He keeps me motivated to get out there and get the job done. I'm also grateful for some recent finds on Craigslist for my new house! God is good....ALL the time!

  3. I love, love, love this idea for a blog!!! I'm thankful for your sweet and encouraging words yesterday and today. I'm overloaded with gracious love from friends and family, I haven't been ignoring you!

    Love you girl!

  4. Thanks Amanda! No worries my friend. Love you too! :-)

  5. Cute hubby pic :)
    I'm glad your friends were able to help you so quickly! Hope things are going better for you now!

    I'm thankful for a sweet compliment I got in a text today
    And I'm thankful for a willingness to get in the deflated pool of puddled water with all my clothes on with my little boy. He made me laugh :) And we sang 'wheels on the bus' song which brought on more laughs as he tried to say the different things.
    Thankful for laughter in general today, it makes the heart feel good!!

  6. Ahhh!! It finally let me post!! Haha.. Yup had to do it from my phone though :/

  7. Awww, those are really sweet things :-) I miss little N. I bet that singing was adorable! And YAY it let you post!


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