Day 3

I'm beginning to see how much ingratitude I send out everyday...

But God has been quick to correct my heart.

Yesterday I left the house on a 10 minute errand. The moment I shut my car door to leave, it started pouring!

I was immediately thankful for the rain, we need it so badly here, but I started grumbling in my head about other things.

I didn't want to drive in the flash flood rain...

I didn't want to walk into the store in the rain....

I didn't want my purse or my purchases to get wet...

I didn't want my leather sandals to get wet and smell later...

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Then God corrected me.

As I pulled into a parking space at the store I was going to, a man on a bike rode past me. Sheets of water running over every part of him. His fast food uniform clung to his skin as steered his bike into the entryway of his employer.

I felt so abashed.

I am thankful for a car to drive as I go about my day.

I am thankful for air conditioning in my car! (Something that didn't work until recently!)

I am thankful that my umbrella is so ridiculously large that none of my purchases got wet.

I am thankful that God would care enough about me to help me on this journey of growing a Thankful Heart.

What are you thankful for this morning?


  1. Searching my life, looking for God's blessings... Got it! I'm thankful for finding pruning shears to cut back the front bushes which have made the steps almost impassable! I'm thankful for friends who gave me boxes for moving. I'm thankful that my children are old enough to help pack up their rooms. I'm thankful for finding someone to fix our broken hammock stand. I'm also VERY thankful for no cockroaches today in the house! Thanks for helping me to look for Him everyday Victoria!

    1. No cockroaches should be on my DAILY thanksgiving list! Blech. So glad you're not having to deal with that while moving!

      And I'm so glad that there were so many things for you to list today :-)

  2. Thank you for this post. I totally relate!

    I'm thankful for a great healthy first appointment! And for family
    And for the occasional stress with family :)
    And for healthy strong fingernails (I know random but they were mentioned today in my appt)

    1. So glad for a healthy mommy and baby!!


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