Day 52 - House Hunting

Here we go again! We lost the bid on the first house we looked at and the second house we were going to see went under contract about 2 hours before we got there!

But just yesterday another house came on the market in the area and price range we are looking at. So we are off at 5 o'clock to see if this is our new home!

It is almost double the size of the other houses in our price range, so I'm sure there is something wrong with it *wink*, but we are hopeful nonetheless.

Pray for wisdom and prudence as we go to see the house today. I don't want to get wrapped up in the idea of getting a house and end up with a nightmare.

I am thankful for the opportunity to seriously look at buying a home.

I am thankful for a realtor and finance team who are willing to look at house after house.

I am thankful that God already knows where are perfect home is and I pray that He will guide us there quickly.

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