Day 37 - Sudden Change

 I've talked in the past about being patient and waiting for God's timing.

Waiting for jobs.

Waiting for a family.

Waiting for a house of our own... It always seems like we're just waiting.

That all changed yesterday. 

In the span of less than 8 hours we happened upon a house that we thought looked interesting, made an appointment to go look at it, looked at it (loved it), got pre-approved for a mortgage, and made an offer.

I'm still in shock!

Pray for us as we go about this journey. Our bid may or may not be accepted, and that's ok. But it sure feels nice to leave that last stepping stone behind and leap onto the next one!

I am thankful that God will never forget about me. He may ask me to wait, but He knows the plan for my life and it is all for my good and His glory.

I am thankful to be moving towards buying our first house.

I am thankful for the prayers of those around us. Lift us up friends, so that we may make wise decisions in the coming days and weeks.

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