Day 48 - Broken, The Sequel

Too bad the Five Minute Friday prompt Broken wasn't today.

My car, my old faithful little white Honda, refused to start up. I was out running errands and KABOOM!... dead car. Thankfully there wasn't actually an explosion.

Put the key in and turned it with all my might. Nothing.

The radio and the A/C still worked, but it didn't even try to turn over. So, 3 hours and one tow truck later, my car is in the shop.

I am so thankful that my dad was able to come sit with me while we tried to figure everything out.

I am thankful that my mom came to have lunch with me while we waited for the tow.

I am thankful for my very sweet parents who are letting me borrow their extra car over the weekend.

Have you ever had a car break down? What did you do? Was there anyone special you knew you could call?

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