Day 31 - Spring Cleaning

 Spring Cleaning.

Two little words that strike fear in the heart of some, joy in the heart of others.

I tend to vacillate between the two at any given moment. However, God was kind enough to grant me a full day of joy yesterday as I did a little spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning for some is a exercise in getting rid of things and thinning down. For me though, after 9 moves in 8 years, that's not really an issue. Other than our massive library, we really don't have that much to be sorting through and getting rid of.

It was either broken or given away in one of our many, many moves. So, that leaves me with the deep cleaning part of spring cleaning. Yesterday I hit the closets. I said we don't have "much" to sort through, however, the one thing that falls outside of that is clothes.

I don't know how two people who would be content with a cartoon style wardrobe (the same thing day in and day out) have managed to collect so. many. clothes. A full master-size closet, 3 huge plastic tubs, and still more hanging in the hall closet!

But I gritted my teeth, tackled the challenge and am happy to say, I was victorious! Whew, it was a long day, but I'm so happy that I got in there and got it done!

I am thankful that I knocked out one check on my ever growing To-Do list.

I am thankful that God bolstered my spirits and allowed me to get through the day with a joyful attitude.

I am thankful that my husband is working from home now and was able to haul the ridiculously heavy boxes into the living room for sorting!

What are you thankful for today?

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