Day 339 - Finished

I thought we were doing so well.

Unpacking each box as it made its way to the new house had been so easy, until this past Saturday!

Here is my beautiful living room, with that couch that I was almost done ripping...

And the heretofore cleared out dining room...

And the room that I shutter to think about... my craft room.

As a frame of reference for the boxes in the craft room, ALL of that stuff was neatly organized into a single closet at our apartment. I'm hoping I can get it sorted away quickly... it's quite overwhelming to look at in this state!

On the plus side, every.single.thing. is out of our old place!! That means we can really get to unpacking and organizing now... no more packing and hauling for us!

I am thankful that we have a beautiful new home that we get to organize and make lovely.

I am thankful that I have a wonderful work-horse husband who will move things around and help me get everything sorted out.

I am thankful that it's summer break and I can focus on getting unpacked!

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