Day 340 - Tiny Tuesday


I don't know how we functioned before the cell phone.

It seemed like we did ok...

My parents always knew where we were. We didn't have any emergencies that needed a Google search to solve...

But those days are gone.

Saturday was our final day of moving... and the skies poured out about 5 inches of rain on us.

So, at about 4:30pm as I pulled into the apartment complex for yet another load of boxes... it started to really come down.

I grabbed my phone and my drink and ran into the apartment.

Soaked to the bone and weary to boot, I got right to work packing up the last of the stuff from around the house.

After about an hour the rain slowed down to a fine mist and The Mister started taking boxes down to the car...

To my complete shock, he didn't come back up empty handed...

He came back with my iPhone and shattered case in hand.

Apparently, my phone had slipped from my pocket as I was frantically trying not to drown... fallen onto the parking lot pavement, and then gotten run over after that!!!

God is so good. My case was shattered into a million pieces, but my phone was in perfect condition.

I am thankful that the OtterBox case really does work as well as advertised.

I am thankful that God saved us from the several hundred dollar cost of replacing my phone.

I am thankful that the skies are blue today :-)

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