Day 354 - New Heart

This whole year has really changed me.

Each moment is a new chance to flex my new heart... My new trust in God.

This whole experience with moving has giving me many opportunities to trust.

Just yesterday, we went up to the apartment to check on things (we have the lease for another 3 weeks)... and the door was unlocked and there was a washer/dryer set just sitting in the living room.

Now, since I am still financially liable for anything that happens in that apartment, I was a little annoyed... to say the least.

But after just a second of frustration, I saw the good.

This was truly something to be thankful for...

Today I went and talked to the apartment manager about closing our lease out early, which she agreed to... and we saved a ton of money!

I am so thrilled!

Thank you God for working in my life so much over the last year. Each time "the world" tries to get me down, I look for your face and see the good that you have waiting for me.

I am thankful that thankfulness is coming so easily now.

I am thankful that my heart is truly changed. 

I am thankful that it's no longer only "special" things that elicit thanksgiving, but rather everything is worthy of thanks to God.

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