Day 333 - Sleep

Who knew that two week of sleep deprivation would take it toll on a person!

Yep, moving and ending school all during the same week was rough.

But school is over now and I am well on my way to being rested again!

Though we are not completely done with moving (somehow!) we are getting closer. Everything that has made it to the house is unpacked and put away, but we do have all the books that are still at our apartment...

I promised The Mister that I wouldn't ask him to move those again, so we hired movers for that part! 3500 books is quite a lot to move... I think the money spent on movers is well worth the back pain saved!!

I am so thankful that God has opened up this new chapter in our lives.

I am thankful that everything is new and exciting right now.

I am thankful that His timing is perfect as always and that I have the whole summer to nest!

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