Leading up to Day 323

I know many of you have wondered where I have been these past few days weeks...

I have gotten phone calls and emails, which have meant the world to me! Thank you for checking on me!

Unfortunately, until today, things have been one-hundred and fifty percent stagnant. Nothing changed, nothing happened... we just sat here waiting.

You know we have been trying to find a house. That has yielded a ton of drama, worry, and prayer.

But as of FIFTEEN minutes ago... I have the key to our new house IN MY HAND!!!!

Thank You God for Your provision, Your faithfulness, and Your care.

You have seen us through many moments of doubt and frustration regarding this whole house search. 

You have calmed our fears and mapped out every dollar we would need. 

You have allowed us to go through a grueling process to get to this place, and we know that it was all worth it.

I am sorry that I left the site unmanned for so many days... but, truth be told, my mind was seemingly incapable of working for that entire time.

All the documents that were still needed, the hoops that still needed to be jumped through, and the calls that needed to be made were all swirling around in there... and that didn't leave much room to get words down on the page!

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

Thank you for your willingness to listen to me vent my frustrations, my hopes, and my fears on this blog.

Thank you for really caring about our lives! I can never express how much it means to us!

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  1. That is spectacular. I'm overjoyed for you guys. All I can say is, welcome home. CHEERS!


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