Day 236 - Trying Tuesday

Today was... interesting.

I dealt with things that I never thought a Kindergarten teacher would have to deal with. I shook my head at both situations and stared open-mouthed as I wondered "What in the world should I do here?!"

I am just thankful that I never have to do anything alone. All I have to do is ask for wisdom and guidance, and they are freely given.

God has so blessed me already this week (AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!!)... I don't know why I'm always so shocked when the prayers of my heart are so readily answered.

I am thankful that He hears my prayers and answers them... always. Even when the answer is no.
I am thankful that God has not forsaken me for someone "more just" or "more righteous". And He never will.

I am thankful that He holds everything in His hands... and that just now He's giving me a peek at the future.

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