Day 245 - Flash-back {Five Minute Friday}

I wrote this back in August, right at the beginning of my journey to growing a Thankful Heart. It's so great to go back and read it again so many months later. 

I originally wrote this for the Five Minute Friday link up party and when I checked the writing prompt for this week, it was once again the word "small".

As I look around the room, everything I see is small.

For a Kindergarten classroom, that makes sense.

Small chairs, small tables, small cubbies, small books, small toys...

And soon more small things will be entering the room. Monday morning there will be a room full of small little people eagerly awaiting the information I have to give to them.

Their small hearts ready to give big love, their small hands excited to learn big lessons, their small eyes watching everything I do.

Lord, help me to be a shining light for You. Help me to show grace when it is difficult, and love without ceasing. Help me to remember that to these small children, the smallest word or action can have a huge and lasting impact on their life. For good or for bad.

Father, please continue to teach me through them as You did last year. I am not done growing in You, just as they are not.

Help me to remember that I am small and You help me. I am small and You correct me. I am small and You teach me. I am small and You love me.

It's been almost seven months since I wrote those words. 

I didn't know my class yet. I didn't know the joys and frustrations that would come from this year of teaching them. But I am so glad that these prayers are still applicable!

I am thankful that these little children have been intrusted to my care during the school day this year. 

I am thankful that I don't have to rely on my own wisdom to guide them.

I am thankful that my own Heavenly Teacher is the one doing all the heavy lifting. I pray that I am a fitting vessel for His lessons.

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