Day 244 - Difficulties

Man, this is tough. But it's worth it right?

I'm so happy that this new diet is working out so well. Yes, I have seen weight loss, but I don't even care.

The candida symptoms have so drastically decreased that weight loss is just the icing on the now-forbidden cake! :-)

All my wonderful students gave me piles and piles of chocolate for Valentine's day... They were so excited as they all handed me their candy-coated gifts.

I felt like I was letting them down by not partaking of the sweets... but I stood firm. It all went into a drawer and I will use it for rewards of something.

Going on ten weeks and I haven't strayed at all. Pray that this continues!

I am thankful that "my" will power has held up... especially since I know it's not mine at all, but God's.

I am thankful that this is only for a time and not forever. This is hard!

I am thankful that a solution seems to have been finally found!

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