Day 283 - Why I'm Here

A co-worker asked me today why I thought God had me teaching at this little Christian school rather than out making it big with one of the talents He has blessed me with.

I have to say, I was a little taken aback by that comment.

And it got me to thinking... Why am I here?

A few thoughts bounced around, but in the end, the real reason we are any where is the same. We are placed in peoples lives and in different situations to bring glory and honor to God... and through that, bring others into His kingdom.

So whether I stay at this school for 20 years, or I leave to go onto other ventures, my purpose remains the same.

I am thankful that I get to openly share the gospel and God's great love with these little children each day.

I am thankful that I know at least part of God's plan for my life. I may not know all the details... but I do know that I am called to share the gospel with others, just as all Christians are called.

I am thankful that no matter where I am, this part of my path will never change.


  1. I know that whatever you will be doing in 20 years you will be doing it superbly. I just hope you're a little closer by.

    1. Thanks Sean! I wish we were closer too... maybe someday!


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