Day 294 - Twelfth Time's the Charm

 Well, we signed a contract on a house today! It's just for the option period... but the house is amazing and I can't imagine wanting to back out!

We are so thrilled!

It is funny though, I originally didn't really like the house, but thought "might as well"! This morning when I was thinking through all the things that aren't perfect about the house I realized with a start that this would of course be the house we would get!

So, this is a practice in trusting God's plan over my own. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to see God's plan unfold before us!

We have been waiting for God's blessing on an offer and here it is.

I am thankful that we finally have an offer that has been accepted.

I am thankful that the house is beautiful!

I am thankful that God loves me enough to test me. :-)

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