Day 290 - Birthday

Today I get to celebrate two special birthdays.

It's the actual birthday of a sweet friend I have known for 12 years!

And it's also the day we finally get to have a party celebrating my little brother turning 18! He turned 18 last week, but this is the first day the whole family could get together.

Birthdays can be a little odd... it's like "Hey, look... we've gone around the sun yet another time!"

But, there's cake, so I'm going with it :-)

I am thankful that I have so many wonderful people in my life that I get to celebrate everyday, not just on their birthdays!

I am thankful that my brother is getting to enter that fun/terrible/exciting/terrifying stage of life known as "adulthood".

I am thankful that I get to relax my strict food options for a night and really enjoy some family time!

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