Day 289 - Burden

Have you ever been burdened for a specific soul?

Not just the general idea and understanding that there are lost people in this world, but the overwhelming burden for a particular soul...

I'm feeling that right now.

I have talked to this person until I'm blue in the face, and they have all the right answers... but I have no peace about those answers.

Please pray for me, and for this person, as I talk to them again this weekend.

God will not let me put it out of my mind (nor would I want to), so I really feel like I'm the one who has the blessing of continuing to fight for this person.

Please pray that their heart will be open, their mind willing, and that this will be a good conversation.

I am thankful that I am not content to let loved ones continue on in a seemingly lost state.

I am thankful that God seems to have entrusted me with this task.

I am thankful that I'm confident that so many people praying will make a difference!

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