Day 303 - Time With Family

I'm getting to spend some time with my Grandfather today. He is 94 and still kicking!

Recently, he did have a bad stint in the hospital and is now pretty much confined to his bed. Though he is regaining some of his strength and ability to walk, he needs a lot of help to get the things that he needs.

My parents, who are his current caretakers, had the opportunity to go see a play tonight and asked me to take over for the day.

I am so glad that I'm getting to spend time with him and give them a break too!

A few days back I mentioned that I felt burdened to share the gospel again with someone who just seemed lost, even though they had all the right answers... I was talking about my grandfather.

But yesterday I had the chance to speak with him one more time and this time I walked away with an complete sense of peace.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with a heart that is sensitive to His promptings.

I am thankful that He didn't let me sit idly by with my doubts.

I am thankful that, for whatever reason, I finally have a peace about the state of my grandfather's eternal fate.

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