Day 198 - The Murphy Bed

Ok y'all, I have been terribly remiss in my duties as a proud wife!

My husband built the most amazing Murphy bed known to man. Not only is it gorgeous, but it got rave reviews over Christmas as being extremely comfy.

And I haven't even posted any pictures yet!! So here is a barrage of photos from the process!



It took about 4 days total work time to built and install. It is about 8 feet tall and fits a queen size mattress.

You can buy the plans and mechanism to build your own here.

I'm so in love with this new wall feature and (much to my husband's joy as you can imagine) I have set many additional tasks for him to complete over the next year!

I love that our little apartment is really turning into a home.

For so long we were used to moving every 3-6 months... as a result, we never really decorated. But we've now been in this apartment for 19 months and things are finally starting to feel warm and cozy.

My sweet mother in law kept raving about how warm and inviting our home was. Which makes me want to do even more and I can't wait!

I am thankful that I have a husband who is willing to take on new skills and projects.

I am thankful that we have gotten to be here for so long.

I am thankful that we are able to take the opportunity to really turn this place into a home.

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