Day 219 - Snow Day

 That's right. A snow day in South Texas!

I know there are many Northerners who are laughing at us right now. With our paltry flakes of snow barely amassed on the tops of our cars.

However this is a day that Texas school children have dreamed of, but never really dared to hope for. A day off of school, not for a hurricane, or threat of tornado... but for SNOW!

Hallelujah, glory be to God!

I know my students are thrilled that their prayers were answered.

I am thankful that we get a day off to enjoy this beautiful winter day!

I am thankful that it's not going to stay this cold/icy for long ;-)

I am thankful that I know this day will be talked about for years! "But do you remember when we really DID get a snow day??"

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