Day 218 - Little Reminder

I wrote those words quite a while ago. But man, did I need a reminder this week.

This week has been difficult for a few of my students, and consequently me.

I wish that I could say I responded to every situation with a smile and a sickly-sweet word of wisdom.

But I can't. 

This classroom is real; I am real and so are my students.

I pray that I am giving them real Christian principles to lean on during hard times. I pray that they will continue to trust me and work hard at the tasks set before them.

Not just math and phonics, but also the growing of Christian character. 

Learning how to love others, to put their needs before your own. 

Learning how to trust God with your life and struggles.

Learning how to be patient.

Learning how to pray, to thank God, and to seek His wisdom.

God help me to remember that I too need grace and patience. Remind me (gently please) that I too am stubborn and thick-headed at times. Help me to have the love and kindness that You show to me every day.

They are little. And so am I.

I am thankful that God doesn't get frustrated when I ask the same question for the gazillionth time. 

I am thankful that His reminders are usually gentle. 

I am thankful that I get to be in a position to grow my own Christian character in addition to helping my students grow theirs.

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