Day 203 - Tiny Tuesday {Two-Vowel Words}

Today was an amazing day back to school.

After spending quite a bit of time mentally evaluating each of my students over the Christmas break, I began to have some fears that I wasn't living up to the standards I have for myself as their teacher.

I worried that I hadn't firmly enough ingrained this fact or that bit of knowledge into their little brains...

I spent many hours planning exactly how I was going to remedy this lapse once school started again.

First crack out of the gate we were rolling.

Math problems on the board. 

Reading races.

Review after review.

They remembered everything so well in fact that I was able to move on to two-vowel words today. This is something that I had been leery of introducing because I didn't know how a few of my students would handle the new information.

Two-vowel words being as follows: bale, sail, take, tail... and so on... where one vowel is long and the other is silent.

But to my amazement everyone did absolutely wonderfully! What a blessing and a great day back!

I am thankful that my fears and anxiety was all for naught.

I am thankful that it appears I'm not actually failing as a teacher.

I am thankful that we kicked this new semester off right!

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