Day 212 - The Valley

I had the chance to speak with an alteration client yesterday whom I have know for a few years.

She knows the struggles I've had with childlessness and always wants an update when I see her.

We spent about 30 minutes chatting on her front porch and she said something that really got me to thinking.

"I'm so glad you can walk with God while you're in this valley."

I was temporarily blown away.

All the work I've seen God do in my life over the last year shows me that I'm not in a valley. I might have thought I was at one point. But I never was.

I'm just walking the path that God has for me. And the "valley" is all in your mindset.

I told her as much and she started laughing. "Good for you" she said.

It was a great visit, and even more than that, it really helped me to see how far God has brought me in the last 12 months.

I am thankful that the valley mindset is far from me.

I am thankful that God is on this path with me... I wouldn't make it on my own.

I am thankful that such a simple comment could bring such reflection.

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