Day 193 - Silence

My sweet in-laws left today. It was sad to see them go. It's always so nice to have time with them.

We have another scheduled visit with them at the end of February, when we will be doing the traveling.

After they left we took about a 3 hour "nap". Hosting guests is hard work y'all!

And we awoke to a very quiet house. Something that hadn't been so for about a week.

It was odd.

So we didn't the only thing that could help... went to a movie that would be filled with kids.

No quiet there!

We finally got to see Frozen and it was adorable :-)

I am thankful for the time with my family. 

I am thankful that we got to have so many days together all in a row. Usually it's only 2-3 days, so a week was quite a treat!

I am thankful that my husband and I got to go see a movie, and enjoy all the laughter of those sweet little voices all around us.

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