Day 195 - New Beginnings... again.

Well, it's coming up on January 1st again.

That means that the husband and I are yet again gearing up to try some newfangled way to get rid of Candida.

It happens every year. 

We are promised that this new whatsit will finally take care of our problem once and for all. And it will do it all in less than 3 months!


I can't wait!!

6-9 months later, Candida is still raging. We get frustrated and ditch the program... sigh.

Then we spend the next 3 months trying to find something else to try and begin again in January.

So here's to this whatsit really doing the job.

All the prayers you can muster for us would be wildly appreciated.

I am thankful that I can ask prayers of those who care about us... and those reading this who have never even met me. Thank you!

I am thankful that despite MANY setbacks, we continue to have faith that this illness will NOT plague us for the rest of our lives.

I am thankful that I got all my grocery shopping and food prep done today. We begin tomorrow!


  1. Good grief that must be awful. I'm so sorry to hear you're having health problems. You make out heavily upon my prayers. I've only read little snippets here and there about Candida and all the health problems that ensue from it, but I'm sure I know precious little. Good thoughts.

  2. You may COUNT heavily upon my prayers. I'm going to shut off my autocorrect, FOREVER!!!!!!

    1. I knew what you meant :-) Thanks Sean!


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