Day 150 - Truth {Five Minute Friday}

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minutes Friday.


Some days I wish I could just run and hide from the truth.

The ugly truths...

I don't have kids yet.

I don't look like I used to, thanks to a terrible illness that has ravaged my life.

I have said terrible illness.

I still have lots of school debt.

and on and on those ugly truths go.

But the beautiful truths are there too.

God is preparing my heart and mind through this time of childlessness for something greater than I can possibly imagine.

God is teaching me to see others more by their inner beauty and for their stories, than for their outward appearance.

God is working through Candida to teach me patience and trust.

God shows every day that He will provide for my family. Though we do have lots of debt, God always makes sure there is enough money.

and on and on God's faithfulness goes.

You see, when I think only of myself -  "I need... I want... I wish..." - I tend to only see the ugly truth.

But when I focus on God - "God is faithful... God is just... God is merciful..." - I get to see the beautiful truth.

I am thankful that God continues to be faithful to me.

I am thankful that He continues to keep His promises, even when my heart attitude isn't right.

I am thankful that He offers no end to second chances... I just wish I didn't need so many!


  1. Amen! Let us fix our eyes upon Him!
    as He is magnified our problems are minimized

  2. thanks for acknowledging the ugly truths - sometimes we want to skip right over those. but we can't - we just can't fix our eyes on those ones.

    great write!

  3. Such a great perspective here! Stopped over from the FMF. Have a blessed weekend.


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