Day 159 - Celebrate!

Happy birthday to my oldest younger brother! :-)

I know it's not until tomorrow, but we're celebrating today with a family lunch, so I'm saying it today.

Sam was gracious enough to let me get married the day after his 18th birthday, which then got eclipsed by the wedding.

But, he got me back by getting married 5 years later on that very same day. It's alright though, he saved me a dance :-)

So happy birthday Sam, my little brother who is now a foot taller than me.

I am thankful that I have such a wonderful family that I enjoy spending time with.

I am thankful that homemade food and great conversation is now the preferred type of birthday party. Chuck-E-Cheese would have been a little awkward this year.

I am thankful that the family gets to celebrate another great year of your life. Love you Sam!

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