Day 119 - Heart of Stone

This weekend I had an amazing opportunity to witness the work that God has done in my heart over the course of this Year of Thanks project.

I set out with the goal of growing a thankful heart and I feel like that idea  is really taking root in my heart with each passing day.

Like I said, this weekend was a great witness to that work.

After church yesterday my husband and I went to my parents house to grab a few things that they had picked up for us. About five minutes into our stop, my little brother (17) came into the living room with a pained look on his face.

"I hit the back of your car." He was devastated. 

He was waiting for the hammer to fall and he just knew it was going to fall hard.

"It's fine, don't worry about it at all." Were the first words out of my mouth.

To fully understand this whole story we have to flash back to Saturday...

I was looking at my old 13 year old Honda. It's a great car. Runs well, looks great... except for one little part. The back right bumper. 

A deer ran into it about 5 years ago and we still hadn't gotten it fixed. Money and the time to have it fixed just never seemed to coincide. 

Just this past Saturday I was looking at that back bumper and praying that we would be able to have it fixed soon. It really is the only part of the car that gives away the age of the car and I was planning to start saving for the body work.

And we're back to Sunday.

I walked out to assess the damage and literally the only part of the car that was damaged was the back right bumper!

My very first thought was of thankfulness. Even in this, God has our best in mind.

I prayed for that part to be replaced and my brother hit that part and nothing else.

I could have been upset and scolded him, but instead I high-fived him for being the bringer of answered prayers.

What a wonderful perspective to have! Six months ago that would not have been my reaction.

I am thankful that God laid the idea of Year of Thanks on my heart and wouldn't let it go until I followed through.

I am thankful that God loves me enough to push me out of my comfort zone in order to help me be a better person of character.

I am thankful that this one little act is such a confirmation of what God is doing in my life and in my heart.

Here's to the next 246 days of growth!

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