Day 122 - Timing

Two months ago I sat down with my husband to discuss Christmas plans.

That may sound way too early to be talking about Christmas, after all, it was still in the 100's outside! But since I've been making homemade gifts for my family, I usually start in February with all the projects.

For me, Christmas is year round!

And for the past few years my in-laws have joined the two of us and my family to have one big Christmas celebration. That is such a wonderful time. I've talked about the relationship I have with my in-laws and Christmas has helped so much to solidify and grow that relationship.

They usually stay at my parents house, but this year, I really wanted them to stay with us. So we decided we would get a murphy bed with a nice pillow top mattress for them to sleep on while they are here.

To just buy a pre-made murphy bed can cost "as little" as $2500 and on up into the tens of thousands range.

We decided to build.

I priced out the parts for the project and we began saving.

Finally the day came to order the parts; this past Tuesday in fact. After all the extra fees that were added on for this and that, our total was almost $200 more than we had planned for!

I called my husband and we decided to shuffle some money around and go ahead and buy the parts. I was a little bummed, but I was trying to be excited about finally getting the project started.

A little voice whispered in my mind to check eBay first.

Now, I normally do this, but there hadn't been any parts available when I checked the day before. But I checked again.

Listed just that morning was the exact part that I needed for $50 less than we had originally saved! Add onto that the $25 for shipping we were well ahead.

I added the item to my cart and was about to hit the final ok when I saw the seller's handle, something to do with Texas, and it made it stop.

I clicked on it only to discover that they lived in the same city as I do.

Two minutes later I had emailed him about meeting in person and saving both of us some time and money. He responded that he would love that and would have his wife text me.

Thirty minutes later, his wife and I discovered that we spend our afternoons literally on the same street. 

She brought the part with her and I grabbed it after work.

Only God could so perfectly orchestrate something like that!

I am thankful that God's timing is always perfect.

I am thankful that He always provides for my needs.

I am thankful that decent, honest, trustworthy people really do still exist!

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