Day 140 - Tiny Tuesday {Late}

Such a little thing can cause a huge ripple effect.

For example, my alarm clock not going off this morning. Just a little piece of technology, that when it fails, has the ability to cause quite a tailspin.

I bolted upright this morning and saw that it was bright outside my window. Right away I knew something was terribly wrong, since I normally leave my house while it's still dark.

Two seconds later my phone rang. 

"Victoria, are you ok??"

"MY ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF!!! I'll be there in 40 minutes!"

I am so blessed to have co-workers who know that I would never leave them hanging on purpose and who so kindly stepped up to help with my class until I could get to school.

When I walked through the door at 8:35 my class came running to me, telling me how glad they were that I made it (and that they wouldn't have to have a sub).

So amazing that my class and I have the type of relationship that causes them to prefer their own teacher than a sub (which most times would mean an easier day)!

Once the adrenaline from the rushed morning wore off a little bit, a migraine set in and I could barely open my eyes. My class once again stepped up and kept quite during seat-work time and even during free time. What a blessing to have nine little 5-6 year olds care enough to stay quiet until my headache went away (which it now has!!)

I am thankful co-workers who are willing to help pick up the slack with I stumble.

I am thankful a class who was so sweet to help me when my headache got too bad.

I am thankful that, despite a rocky start, this day is going well!


  1. My mom always used to say, that crappy days are Gods way of making normal days extraordinary. Great days stand alone. U mean , they're great after all. But nothing feels quite as good as a normal average day after a stream of crappy.

    1. Heh, well that's one way to look at it! I am hoping that this is the only "crappy" day for awhile! It was bad enough to make getting here on time tomorrow a treat :-)


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