Day 136 - Traffic

Driving to work it struck me. No not another car, though I wouldn't have been surprised; a thought struck me.

Traffic is a powerful testament to God's protection over each one of us every single day.

Without His guiding hand, surly many of those near misses we experience each day would be wrecks.

I am thankful that God holds all things in His hands.

I am thankful that He provides so much protection.

I am thankful that for 40 minutes everyday, I get to see the real reminders of His protections!


  1. I have to hand it to you, nothing makes me feel LESS Christian than traffic. But ever since my truck died and I now ride the bus, the stress of the commute is gone. Blessings in disguise.

    1. That's usually how it is for me too, sadly. But it just struck me yesterday as I watched cars swerve recklessly between the lanes that it is only by Devine intervention that we make it any where alive! Glad you're seeing the good in public transportation, I know it must be difficult! :-)


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