Day 100 - Milestone

Today is the 100th day of this journey.

I can't believe it's already here.

In some ways I can feel each of those 100 days... but in other ways I feel like I just started.

These 100 days are an amazing milestone and I am thrilled to be so far into this yearlong journey.

But growing a thankful heart isn't just about this one year.

This is about a lifetime of change. Changing my heart. Changing my mind. Changing my outlook on life.

The whole point of this blog was to grow and cultivate a thankful heart, so that I would see God's blessings in every single situation.

This week has been a hard week. There have been many, many tears... and there are so many more to come.

But this, 100 days... this is something to rejoice over!

I am so thankful for your support and participation in this journey.

Thank you for helping me stay thankful. Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with me. And thank you so much for letting me share mine with you.

I am thankful that 100 days of thankgiving is under my belt! I feel like that is such an accomplishment.

I am thankful for the friends (both old and new) that have shared this experience with me. Thank you for growing your own thankful hearts!

I am thankful that I still have 265 days left to see where God takes me on this path.


  1. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Secondly, I am in absolute admiration of you for attemping this very monumental undertaking and even more heartfelt proud of you for how wonderfully you have done so far. The only thing I am not is surprised. The only reason that mountains are where they are is because you have not decided to move them. This whole experience, so far, has been of immeasurable help to my spiritual journey, and an immense comfort to a somewhat beaten up, dogeared, world weary old traveler. I look forward to what's to come. CHEERS!

    1. Thank you so much Sean! I am so glad you have chosen to join in on this journey! Here's to 265 more days :-D


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