Day 107 - Widsom

Wisdom is a tricky thing.

All around us people offer wisdom.

They cough up these trite sayings and welling meaning metaphors that are supposed to help guide our lives.

Even in our own minds we hear wisdom. We listen all too often to the would-be-wisdom of our own intellect.

But I am so thankful that I don't have to lean on my own understandings. Instead, I have a Heavenly Father who grants wisdom to all who ask.

Rather than rely on others, or even myself... I get to rely on God!

I am thankful that the Creator of the universe cares about little ol' me.

I am thankful that He desires a relationship with me... not as a master to a slave, but a loving personal relationship through Jesus.

I am thankful that these big life decisions don't rest on my shoulders, but that I can cast them at the feet of Jesus and He will guide me.

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