Day 109 - True {Five Minute Friday}

Linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.

This world is falling apart. We have turned our eyes from God and are allowing such terrible things to take place.

I say "we", but I know there are other Christians among us who stand for truth and Godly practices.

Still, the world at large is turning away.

The news is constantly bombarding us with images of all the things that are going wrong. The radio gives us stories of war and turmoil.

How easy it is to be burdened under the weight of all that.

How easy it is to think that all is lost... hopeless.

But we are called to see beyond what the world tells us to pay attention to.

God's word tells us to focus not on the negative, but rather to focus on what is true and noble.

About two years ago, I took up this challenge.

I used to watch hot and cold running news programs, just hoping that there would be something that I could do to save this world from our seemingly impending judgment.

But there never seemed to be that big moment of revelation and it was so terribly frustrating.

So I just stopped watching.

Sure I keep up with current events, but it is not my focus.

I have to say, my heart is much lighter because of the change.

I am thankful for God's protection.

I am thankful that God is so much stronger than those of this world.

I am thankful that I have so many true and noble things to focus on in my life.

What is your focus?


  1. While reading this I imagined you in a dark tunnel, slowly curving upwards towards the sky, and finally breaking free into the open air to be free from the oppressive darkness. Stay out in the open air, it's better for you. I love this post. May God keep blessing you as you see what He blesses you with. And the rest of us too!

    1. Elena, you're so right! That's exactly what it was like! The dark rabbit hole of current events! Glad to be out in the field running free and enjoying this wonderful world that God has given us!

      God bless you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Its strange to think that just a hundred years ago what was going on and Turkmenistan didn't really apply to us here United States. Our stress levels were considerably less then. It kept our minds on where we were, and what we were doing, to paraphrase Yoda. Being a citizen of the world is fine in terms of general care and concern for your fellow humankind everywhere else, but if we try to live too far out of our areas of influence then we don't get anything done.

    1. Exactly! And that's why central planning and central governments have wreaked havoc on our lives! :-)

      Oh Yoda... how wise you are!

    2. Oh good grief, don't get me started.

  3. Same here - - - we have NO TV. None. I get plenty of news from the internet and if there is REALLY big news I'm sure your mom or someone else will call me!

    Congrats on discovering a little bit of freedom!

  4. Great challenge. I'm glad you took that step. I don't watch the news either. There is enough drama in a day without adding something. :) I think a lot about the challenge the Bible has to think on heaven and forget earthly desires. Hard, but freeing!


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